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Top 5 Most Illusive Fictional Presidents in America

These five Fictional Presidents ar the foremost illusory presidents America may ever have, apart from Trump perhaps however he would be AN illusory president in an exceedingly negative method, a bit like House of Card's Frank Underwood!

In a year that has been dominated by presidential politics, we tend to thought it'd be fun to require a glance at some fictional presidents from film and tv.
5. James Marshall

Harrison Ford has vie Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan which beau from the Fugitive World Health Organization didn’t kill his partner. therefore casting him for the role of the President in Air Force One appears to create sense. once a gaggle of Russian Terrorists hijack Air Force One, Ford, World Health Organization plays President James Marshall, spring into action to save lots of the day.

President James Marshall (played by Harrison Ford) is that the main character and main protagonist within the 1997 political action film, Air Force One.
He is a well-liked us president World Health Organization would not talk over with terrorists however later, he was forced to barter with Ivan Korshunov (played by point of entry Oldman) to unharness General Radek once Korshunov took over the president's plane, Air Force One. however once he killed Ivan Korshunov, he declared his freedom and also the Russians had General Radek shot.

4. Andrew Shepard
The yankee President was a romantic comedy free in 1995. Michael Stephen Arnold Douglas plays Saint Andrew the Apostle Shepard, a unmarried  commander-in-chief UN agency is running for re-election. As he and his workers are attempting to pass against the law hindrance bill in congress, Shepard begins to court AN environmental persuader named Sydney. She tries to influence the President to adopt a live that slow down on the utilization of fossil fuels to assist stop heating. though Shepard develops personal feeling for Sydney, he decides to use this as some type of leverage to urge his crime management bill passed. Once a scheming politician, continuously a scheming politician.

 3. Josiah Bartlett

After The yank President received glowing reviews, it impressed the TV drama series, The West Wing. the popular series ran from 1999-2006, star Martin refulgence (who contend the chief of workers within the yank President) as President Josiah Bartlett, a descendant of the important life somebody of the Declaration of Independance. The series follows Bartlett’s tenure in workplace. He proves to be a competent President, making voluminous jobs, reforming social insurance, and establishing peace between Israel and Palestine. he's additionally shown to be pretty robust as he survives a gunfire wound at the tip of season one.

2. Thomas J. Whitmore 
Independence Day isn't a picture concerning the President.

Thomas J. Whitmore (born 1953) is Associate in Nursing yankee politician United Nations agency served within the Gulf War before going into politics. He served because the forty second President of the u.  s. from 1993 to 2001. He was a significant figure in leading the u.  s. through the War of 1996.
Thomas Whitmore fought within the Gulf War as a combat pilot Associate in Nursingd later took an interest in politics. He was eventually nonappointive as President in 1992, starting his initial term in Jan 1993, due to his war expertise, in addition as his hopeful youth.
Against the recommendation of his advisers, Whitmore spent most of his time and energy shepherding his bills although the method, permitting himself to be caught up by first-term representatives, that he was typically forced to create favors with policymakers to realize his policies. As a result, he was overtly attacked by the media for his ignorance in politics and meek outlook, and his quality plummeted.

 1 Frank Underwood

Portrayed by Kevin Spacey in the Netflix series, House of Cards, Frank Underwood is a cunning and ruthless politician who will stop at nothing to achieve power and glory. When we first meet him, Underwood is merely a congressman from South Carolina, who serves as the party whip for the Democrats. After helping the his party win the White House during a recent election, Underwood is pretty put off when he finds out he is being passed over for Secretary of State. In fact, he begins to plot the downfall of the President and anyone who stands in his way.

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